Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Little Angel Ginger'

by Shelley Bennion
(Tampa Florida)

I lost my little angel Ginger 2 years ago. But it seemed like just yesterday. I have tears for her tonight. My thoughts are with her and miss her so much. She was diagnosed with adrenal cancer which I couldn't help her. I took her to the vet several times when I first saw changes in her. But they weren't able to find it till it was too late.

I watched her get so sick. I know it was getting time for us to say goodbye. She was a special cat. So sweet and loved to cuddle and that's what I miss about her. Her true love for me. I'd come home from work and she'd be at the door to greet me. I'd scoop her up and tell her how much I missed her and gave her a big hug.

Times I couldn't wait to come home and see her. We used to go on bike rides together, she would get in my backpack with her head sticking out and she'd fall asleep as we were riding. She trusted me and loved me so much. I saw it in her eyes. She had such a beautiful spirit. She was part siamese and part tiger.

I'll never forget those wonderful blue eyes that sparkled with love. Even when she got sick you could see the concern she had as if she didn't want to leave me. But I didn't want to see her suffer anymore and I knew it was time to let go of her and let God have her back. I had her 12 wonderful years she was 2 when I took her in.

I go see her at her gravesite and talk to her from time to time. I aso had her photo made into a necklace a little memorial of her. So she'll know she's not too far away. Rest in peace my little angel. Thanks for letting me write this. It helped me feel better to talk about her.

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