Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Little Black Princess'

by Sheila Porter
(Crowley, Texas)

Sissy, from the time that Michele brought you home to me for my birthday, I knew that I would love you forever.

All of my life I've never had such a beautiful birthday gift. You fell in love with Michele the most but I always knew that I also had a special place in your heart and for that I'm blessed.

When I sit outside to smoke I don't have anyone to stay out there with me. Taters she's always ready to go into the house but you would always stay just as long as I would sit. You would never leave me.

Thank you for teaching and potty training Taters for me, but most all thank you for teaching, showing, and giving me unconditional love.

You will always be my one and only little BLACK PRINCESS.

Love Always, Sheila (Mama)

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