Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Little Sunbean, Gone.....'

by Lily

The day I bought sunbean a budgie, I thought I would keep her forever. She was a great, beautiful and loving budgie. Sunbean brought sunshine to our cage of other budgies called Winnie-female, Mello Yellow-male and Bluey her boyfriend.

One Friday I came back from school and she looked bigger then she normally looked like. I had a look under her bottom and there was an egg. Wow! I thought, but an hour later she wasn't moving much or eating.

So my mum got her out of her cage and we put her in a smaller cage. That night all she was doing was sleeping no eating or drinking.

The next day around 2:30pm while I was doing my homework Sunbean fell to the ground. I ran over, gently got her out of the cage. Her heartbeat was so fast, faster then lightening. Then she slowly died in my hands. The only thing I was thinking after she died was how I loved her and the happiness she brought to the family and how Bluey would cope.

Sunbean died of Eggbound.

In memory of Sunbean. A never forgotton friend.

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