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'My Special Needs Baby, Trooper'

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I Feel Your Pain Too....
by: Anonymous

Your story was very powerful....those words could have came from my mouth....I truly understand your devotion to your baby and the sadness when you had to make that awful decision.

I, like you, don't know any magic potions for getting over the loss of a loved companion...time is the only thing I know has been 10 days and I am still so empty when I look at my baby's grave. I too made a little monument for his final resting place. I put a statue of a lab puppy sleeping with his paw around a teddy bear and I planted roses at the head of the grave. I am having a small headstone made to add to that.

I don't know if the emptiness will ever leave. But I have 3 others also and have to be strong for them. I know they miss him too. I know my baby wouldn't want me to be sad, I try to be happy for him. I know that is what would make him happy if he were still here. I hope your pain eases and you find peace with your loss. I to othink we will see them again and I am looking forward to the the meantime, I will take it one day at a time and try to live out the days on earth as happy as I possibly can.

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'My Special Needs Baby, Trooper'.