Your Pet Loss Stories


by Rydia

Nina was born in a petshop and was purchased by a close friend of mine when she was a kitten. She was the "runt," never getting to more than three or four pounds. When my friend moved into an apartment, she gave me the cat because she couldn't have cats in her new place. Nina was about a year and a half when she moved in with me.

She was one of the most beautiful cats I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She was a diva in every way, owning me more than I had ever owned her. She liked to sleep under the covers with me when it was cold and curl up on my lap while I was on the computer. She'd probably be on my lap right now if she was still with us.

Last summer, my house caught on fire. Nina wasn't hurt, thankfully, but we were unable to live here for a while. I entrusted Nina into the capable hands of my sister, with whom she lived with for three months.

Two days before I came home to get her and bring her back home, she passed away without any symptoms. She was three and a half years old.

She was greatly loved and will be greatly missed.

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