Your Pet Loss Stories

'Our Family Cat - Mizzle'

by Marc

My wife and I moved into our new house and a short while later we got a kitten.

I named our cat "Mizzle" and it was a grey tiger striped stray we received from a friend.

We trained Mizzle to travel when we went home to see our parents and Mizzle enjoyed the drive and having two houses and yards to play in.

Mizzle was a tom cat and my wife and I didnt want to have him neutered because we thought it was somewhat cruel.

Mizzle filled our lives with love and joy for 9 months before early one morning Mizzle found the road that was about 200 yards from our house.

Mizzle was struck by a car and from my observations didnt suffer. I buried Mizzle in our back yard and my wife and I have been heart broken for many days.

That cat was like a child to us since we don't yet have children. Mizzle lived a short but very good life.

We won't forget the joy, peace, comfort, and love that this furry animal brought to everyone in our family.

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