Your Pet Loss Stories


by Kim
(Philadelphia, PA)



Pebs was 8 weeks old when I brought her home, from the time I laid eyes on her I was in love.

She was 11 years old when I had to make the dreadful choice to have her put down. She was diagnosed with kidney failure and only lived for 4 months after the diagnosis.

The day I had to put her down was one of the hardest days of my life. That day I lost my best friend. But I kept reassuring her that she would no longer be suffering anymore. And even though I would be totally lost without her, that it wasn't fair to see her like this.

I no longer will wake up to her next to me all stretched out in bed, waiting for her belly to be scratched. I will not see her attack the vacuum cleaner as I clean or get wet by the hose as I watered the flowers.

But I do know that she will forever be watching over me. And in time I will be able to get over the emptiness and loneliness that I feel at this moment.

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