Your Pet Loss Stories


by Alice
(Los Angeles)

We got Our Dog Philly when he was just a baby back in January of 2006. He was just the most friendly, loving, energetic dog I ever knew, and my Sister decided that he would be just her dog from that day foward. He did everything with her and followed her wherever she went.

Everything was fine till March 2007 when he got out of the house, my little Sister slept on the couch with the door open waiting for him to come back. She stood up just to take a look outside when she saw him laying there covered in blood and took him to the vet where the doctor said that a bigger dog must have attacked him and since our dog was playful must have mistaken the other dogs attack as a form of playfulness.

They had to do surgery on him but he survived the deep punctured wounds to the top of his head and his throat area, he came back home 3 days later playing, jumping like he always did.

Now it's June 28, 2008 and I don't know how to help my Sister feel better. On Friday 6/27/08 Philly got out of the house one more time but this time we wouldn't see him alive.

He was playing with the neighbours dog when his favorite toy went into the street and he chased after it, that's when a car hit him on his head head on, the car didn't even bother to stop he just kept going. My sister ran to where Philly was laying lifeless and held him in her arms crying.

We carried Philly to our home and she decided to bury him in our back yard so she can have him near her. A passerby who saw the whole thing helped her dig a big hole and suggested that she put something in there with him so she ran in the house and got a picture of her with him and his favorite toy, put it in there and covered the hole, and put some flowers on top of his grave. She even had a small memorial for him later that day with all her close friends that knew and loved Philly.

I never knew that it would hurt so much to lose a pet. I know that he is safe now in doggy heaven and my sister will get to see him one day.

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