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'Rosie Buttons - God Lent Us His Angel for a Short While xx'

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by: Rosies Mum

Time has gone on and it seems to so long ago, but Rosie, and 7 other of our pets have passed on since we posted re Rosie, we speak about her a lot and our cats and all those other animals we had..

When a pet goes to Rainbow Bridge, they take a piece of your heart with them, and when a new pet comes into your life they give you a piece of their heart..

Still heart broken years on, till the day we all meet back up at Rainbow Bridge xxx

Time is a Great Healer
by: Anonymous

It's nearly 5 weeks since Rosie Buttons died and I have never know emotions like it...

One min in tears next remembering her, her ashes are home with us now, she's safe with her family.

A Psychic contacted us and said you will get another dog starting with F, no way I said...

Well we have taken in a foster and her pups for Christmas and her name is Fern...

Rosie Buttons would approve of her and her pups, it makes things a bit easier, but I still miss my collie girl and my heart is still broken and the tears still fall...

But now memories of the good times we had are now more the special time we had.

Your Gorgeous Girl
by: Sally

It must be so hard for you at the moment and this had me in tears...

God bless Rosie Buttons, you had two happy years with your new mum and dad but god wanted you back for more work.

Sleep tight and run free at Rainbow Bridge Sweetheart.


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'Rosie Buttons - God Lent Us His Angel for a Short While xx'.