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I'm so sorry
by: Alex

Hi Vicki
I read your Gizzy story a while back, so having another pet die so soon, I can imagine how you feel. I've only had one pet die in my life that I can remember(cause I'm 11). It had felt like I had been punched right in the stomach, but felt sorrow instead of pain. I'm not so sure if there is a Rainbow Bridge, but if there is, I'm sure Trinket is watching over you and having fun with Gizzy. Best Wishes.


Thanks for sharing
by: Bunny

Dear Vicki
Thanks for sharing your story about Trinket. I'm so sorry that you had to go through such pain again, especially so soon after Gizzy.

It can be so hard too, when the people we rely on to help our pets don't listen to us or dismiss our fears and just don't act fast enough.

I've had it happen to me so I can really sympathise with that feeling of helplessness and frustration.

Warm Regards,


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