Your Pet Loss Stories

'Tales of Tommy Thompson'

by Paul Thompson
(Sheffield, UK)

We rescued Tom from our RSPCA, we picked him out mainly becouse he was hiding under a blanket, with only one eye showing! He was, IS a big ginger and white tom boy, who has his tongue out all the time, so Tom always talked with a lisp!

All our cats, we have 4, have a voice, a characteristic all their own, but TOM, he is my baby. I carried him around, like a baby, purring away with his tongue out! He crossed over on Friday 31st, he had very deep diabetes, which we were advised it would be cruel to prolong, so, with a lot of tears we held him, kissed him goodnight, and the vet painlessly sent him to sleep.

His body is in our garden with all our other 6 cats who have crossed, but his spirit plays on, as do theirs. Tom's seven forever now no pain no sorrow for him now, we bless his and the other's spirits by lighted candles at night in the garden.

We will never forget him or the joy and the laughter he fetched into our lives. God bless you Tom, and also God bless you and your web site for giving me this chance to put my feelings down.

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