Your Pet Loss Stories


by Sue

We had 2 puppy westies given to us as they did not meet breeders requirements, and were going to be destroyed.

They both had Debondex mites and to cut a long story short they have been back and forth to the vet all their short lives, 16 months. One seems to have come out the other side happy and healthy, but Tammy was not getting better.

Well yesterday 30th October 2008 I took Tammy back to the vet and asked his honest opinion as to whether she would ever be happy and not suffering. He could not say yes or no but said for her to keep being so poorly she must have been born with a serious problem with her immune system. I had to let her go she had suffered enough.

My husband and I were with her as she fell asleep. It broke our hearts and her sisters too.

I know I did the right thing but I can't stop crying and feeling so angry that her suffering was all down to bad breeding, bitches with this mite should NEVER be bred from.

Please if this message of our heartache reaches just one potential breeder it will be worth sharing our heartache. Tammy gave us so much love even after all the horrible things I had to do to her.


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