Your Pet Loss Stories

'Thumper 10-27-08'

by Denise

We brought her home when she was just a baby, she was always a baby, having left us at 2 years old. My boyfriend's sons wanted a bunny for Christmas. When I held her for the first time, I knew she was the one and took her home that night.

She quickly became the center of my world, the light in my heart and she touched my soul like no other living being has.

Thumper was not a typical rabbit, she was not caged and had free roam of the house. She slept with me on the couch, she came running when it was snack time, she thumped her back paw when she was cranky.

She had personality and a sense of humor, she could be spiteful and playful, she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.

When she got sick, I rushed her to the vet but he could not save her. It was within 24 hours that she passed. It was sudden, it was a shock. I screamed "no" over and over again, I scared even myself. I have never felt such a deep pain, she was baby, my little girl, my angel, my daughter.

Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy, that I could still rewind time and do something different and she will still be here.

I miss her so much, too much for my heart to take. My life has lost it's beauty and I feel empty and alone. It has been 5 weeks and I still don't feel like it will ever be ok.

I just have to have hope that I will see her again. My life has so much love in it but I am too numb to feel it. I go through the motions every day, because I have to. I go to work, I bathe. But nothing has meaning.

I pray for strengh to get through this, yet I am angry at God for taking her away, more angry at myself for not being able to save her.

I can't wait for the day that I can smile again.

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