Your Pet Tributes


by Mary
(North Ogden, Utah)

The Last Farewell
By Ann Hogue

Oh, there you are, Beloved One!
This long, long day is nearly done;
I feared you would not come in time.
This weariness is great, and I’m
So grateful for your presence here.
Remembered voice, and touch so dear
Bring back a thousand happy days
We shared in oh, so many ways.
We ran and played in sun and rain;
I shared your joy, your fear, your pain.
Our hearts, our minds just seemed to blend;
If only it would never end…
But never mind; don’t grieve for me.
My love is yours, eternally.

You’re crying now, it pains me so –
I hope that you will always know
How all my heart was yours by right.
I slept beside your bed at night,
And greeted you at your front door;
But now I cannot, any more.
You must not think I hate to die;
It’s only that I want to lie
Beside your chair on winter eves,
And walk with you through Autumn leaves.
The dyings not so bad, you see –
It’s leaving you that worries me.

My eyes are dim; it’s hard to see,
But there’s your hand, to comfort me.
The voice seems faint – what’s that you say?
Oh, well, it’s your voice anyway
So very long ago, it seems,
You talked of me of hopes and dreams.
I’d let you know the best I could
That I always understood.
So now who’ll listen when you’re sad,
And share the good times and the bad?
But I believe it must be true,
In some fine place I’ll wait for you.
Oh, yes, you’ll find me, waiting there;
And once again we’ll be a pair.
What fun we’ll have – just me and you,
For love like ours, so deep and true,
Can’t end this way; it cannot be.
So promise you won’t grieve for me.

I look now and see your face;
I’m glad you’re with me in this place.
And there I see our doctor friend,
So this is where it all must end –
At least for now, life goes so fast
But love like ours will always last.
This drowsiness – I feel such peace;
First struggle, then sweet release
From pain and care and fears and noise –
And left behind, remembered joys.
A last tail wag, so you will know –
Good-bye, dear friend, I love you so.

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