Your Pet Tributes


by Lee Redding
(Sperry, OK, USA)



Jeter was a special gift from God. He was the kindest, most loving and outgoing companion. He loved tennis balls, riding in the truck, and the water. The thing I miss most about Jeter was his need to love and to be loved. He lived for affection. He always put his head in my hand or on my leg whenever the opportunity came up. He wanted to be touched and talked to. In return, his loyalty was undying. He put his head or shoulder against me as if to say, "Mommie, I'm right here."

There was no such thing as ignoring Jeter, he was persistant about affection. He wasn't a licker, he was a hugger and cuddler. He loved being close or leaning against people. He was happiest when someone was talking to him and he had his head resting on them. Anytime I was outside Jeter was by my side or my husband's. His trusting eyes shined with affection and I am looking forward to the day when I see that look again.

I love my Jeter and will keep his memory in my heart until I leave this Earth to join him. Mommie loves you Jeter!

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