Your Pet Tributes


by Lynne and Gary

Our Beautiful Lewis

Our Beautiful Lewis

Our boy was such a character. He was lovable, adorable, gorgeous, beautiful, intelligent, funny and we loved him more than words can say. He was our baby, we never had a day apart in fourteen years, he was always by our side.

He loved going on the field we would hide from him in the bushes and you could here him running. He was so powerful he sounded like a horse galloping towards us and when he found us he was so excited his body would quiver with joy.

He also loved new squeaky toys, he would take them to bed with him and put them in his basket. As soon as he woke up in the morning the toy would be in his mouth and down stairs he would trot, this would go on until he got frustrated with the squeak and chewed the end till the squeak had gone then that would be that he would never play with that toy again.

Oh Lewis we can't put into words how much we love and miss you, there is a void in our lives that we can't fill no matter what we try and do.

Be happy up there at Rainbow Bridge, run free and every now and again give your Mummy and Daddy a little thought as we think of you every second of every minute of every hour of every day.


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