Your Pet Tributes

'Bugsy Thibodeau'

by Belinda T
(Vic - Australia)

Passed away 19th July 2008 at 12 PM (today).

My baby boy, words can not describe how I am feeling right now. At the age of 6 weeks we thought we were going to have to put you down after hurting your leg so badly.

However after seeing an amazing specialist and changing your diet you grew into an amazing rabbit but not only a rabbit. You believed you were a cat, that all animals and humans were friendly. Such a great personality, stubborn at times but very loving.

You loved the kids, you loved your massages at night cuddled up in your bunny rug with a carrot especially during those cold winter nights. My poor baby hurt your foot 3 months ago after once again trusting a cat (not Tommy the cats fault) and you hurt it bad. Ended up getting a bone infection in it.

It was touch and go for a few weeks, injections, lots of wrapping of you foot and lots of loving from your family who loves you. Seemed to have improved at least in yourself but I guess that was the painkillers.

If I had know at 5.30am this morning it was going to be the last day I was to ever see you, I would have spent the night holding you, or at least giving you a hug when I went to bed. I heard you munching on your celery, said goodnight but didn't give you a pat or a cuddle.

I wake at lunch time, call dad to find them coming home from the hospital and Dad telling me the news is not good. We never got good news from vets about you but you always pulled through. Such a trooper!

So when Dad told me you had just been put down. I thought my Dad was playing a cruel trick... but why would a father do that? Then it hit me it was true and the grief and also guilt overwelmed me.

I'm so sorry little one that I didn't hold you as much as Mum did, I was afraid to hurt your leg, so sorry on our last night together I did not pay attention to you. I so sorry I never got to say goodbye.

I love you Bugsy, now you are in heaven and with your beloved Tasha who has been waiting for you (Tasha passed away 2 years ago in Feb, beloved cat and friend of Bugsy).

I hope you know we did everything we could, we put you down as we did not wish you to suffer no more. We love you, I love you, you just like Tasha was more than just a pet, you were and are my baby boy and I will forever remember you and the joy you brought us.

Rest in peace Bugs and give my love to Tasha... Play together and be carefree and happy. I pray I get to see you both one day and we are all united again. I miss you so much sweetie, I still can not believe it. So much shock and grief...

They say the more pain you feel the more you love then I loved you so much. Goodnight baby boy sleep tight and play with Tasha. Be good... I love you so so much...

Love Forever and Always,

Mummy Belle, Mummy Glenda, Daddy Mike and Daddy Alan.. kisses and smooches.

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