Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'Frisco & Lucky My Two Siberian Huskies'

by Rachel Huebel
(Houston, Texas)

I had two wondeful smart Siberian Huskies. The black and white with mix gray and beautiful blue eyes was named Frisco. He was my baby and he died of a stroke one early morning around 2:30am. He was 7 years old. He then went into a coma and never woke up. I cried and cried for my beloved Frisco.

My husband was asleep on the couch one night and I went upstairs to bed.... and he saw a dog like Frisco going up the stairs to be with me. Frisco always slept with us upstairs and he was a mama's boy. I felt him on my bed... years later my red husky named Lucky passed away too.. he was Frisco's little brother.

Lucky was my baby cakes as I called him and he got to live longer almost 12 years. Lucky got sick, kidneys shutting down and bad hips and couldn't walk anymore.. I was there when the vet put him down and I cried so much for him too..

I have also felt him on my bed and heard his tags on his collar too. I miss both my babies. They made me laugh when they played together. I know they are together now and I will see them soon!
I miss them so much.

I one time asked God to give me a sign to see where my dogs are and he has.

I know there is a Rainbow Bridge. Frisco has been gone 5 years now and Lucky just passed away June 1st 2012.

I miss them both so much!!!!!!!!

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Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'Frisco & Lucky My Two Siberian Huskies'

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My doggie boy
by: Luca

I have been crying while reading your story.
The past Wed, my beloved mix Labrador/Boerbull Oliver was bitten by a snake and he died.
I am devasted as I have been overseas while he was waiting in South Africa for me to come back.
I have been missing him so much.
I really hope that this Rainbow Bridge does exist as when my time comes I would love to get together with Oliver again: this time forever without the hardship and the pain of this terrestrial life.
I will see you soon doggie boy! I love you!

Losing our Blue Eyed Babies, I Totally Understand
by: Dianna Petrytus, Litchfield Park, AZ

Dear Rachel:

I too have lost two Siberians. My blue eyed boy aka Buddy the Boo was a Siberian mix, his mom was a Siberian show dog, his doggy mama was a little loose with her morals you can say, the most striking thing about the Boo was he was coal black coat with crystal blue eyes hence the name my blue eyed boy, he is now forever with me tatooed on my back.

We don't know what else the Boo was but I obtained him when he was 6 weeks old and he lived to be 20 years and 2 months of age, he was my shadow he was my everything emotionally, he was with me as my kids grew and moved out of the house and through my divorce. He moved with me when my new husband and I bought our new home in Phoenix, when Buddy was about 2 1/2 we got Klondyke, she was a grey & white with one blue eye and one brown eye, she was a rescue from the pound her old owner was getting rid of her because she shed and his son was allergic to her, I had been looking for a companion for the Boo and there she was, she was only 18 months old when I got her.

I lost the Boo on June 11, 2009, his death is something I will never get over. I had to put Klondyke down it will be 3 weeks tomorrow 10/22/12, she was just right at 21. The vet said he had never seen a Siberian that old, and that I loved them to death literally. I too asked god for a sign and about 4 months ago I had two very vivid dreams of Buddy, I can remember running my hands through his beautiful black coat and waking up with my fingers cramped because I could not get enough. On the second night of the dream I was calling him to come back, and he turned and with that beautiful twinkle in his blue eyes he told me that hey mom I'm ok, I love you and I will see you again when your time comes. Those dreams are real, those dreams are meant as message for us all. So when you hear your babies collars and tags on the bed just know that is God's way of letting you know that they are well.

May you find solace in your memories, and always remember that unconditional love. I know your pain and for me mine will never go away, but I know that the Boo is always around somewhere, looking out for his momma. There are pictures and memorials to Buddy on this website, they are entitled My Beautiful Blue Eyed Boy.

Best Wishes
Dianna Petrytus

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