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'Buddy aka Boo Boo My Beautiful Blue Eyed Boy'

by Dianna Petrytus
(Litchfield Park, Arizona)

It has been the longest 6 months 22 days of this thing that people call life that I lost my boy. People who do not own a dog, cat, rat, rabbit, ferret, or hamster or any pet, do not even know the pain that as pet owners we feel when we have lost life long companions. I thank the wonderful woman who put herself out there to bring this site to us.

For me this was the worst Christmas ever. Not waking up to a set of beautiful blue eyes looking at me, a huge black body with a gray muzzle smiling at me and a tail that could knock over a statue thumping on the floor waiting for his momma to make her appearance for the day. Buddy always knew that Christmas was a bad day for his mama because my closest grandfather who was the center of my whole world that was his birthday, christmas day that is. What is strange is they both had those crystal blue eyes.

On Christmas morning I could look at my baby boy and know that somehow there was a smile in heaven looking down and saying "my beautiful girl, my butterfly" as my grandpa would call me, all I could see was that beautiful human smile behind those sparkling blue eyes and know that there is a heaven. Now all I have is memories of both, my husband says to get over it, is there ever any getting "over it". I do not think so, as a dog owner of a pet who saw me through my kids growing up, grandkids, 1 divorce and 2 marriages, what the heck does he mean get over it. There is no getting over it.

Each day I pray and I pray hard that god will take this pain away, the only hope I feel I have is that my time will be short and that when the time is right, I can look into a light and see my baby boy Buddy and Gonzo my orange tabby, along with my grandfather waiting at the end of a beautiful rainbow bridge, and that my baby boy will come running with no pain and know that when he see's his mama that there is nothing but pure love there, and that the angels and grandpa have kept him and gonzo well knowing that there mama will never ever forget, nor will this pain go away, and that they are all forever in my heart mind and soul, and that someday soon, very soon we will all be reunited in a wonderful place called heaven.

May god bless all of us pet owners during these trying times, especially during the holidays when we miss our animal companions the most. Much love to all of you from one pet owner to another. God Bless You all.


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