Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'I Saw You This Morning ......'

by Ed
(Denver, Colorado )

This is the story of an amazing dog-named “Co Co” whom I thought I’d “rescued” in December of 2009 but quickly came to realize actually rescued me …..

A little back-story on Co Co and how she became part of the fabric of my life…

November 28th 2009 is a day I will never forget, as it was the day I lost my dear friend Fritz. Fritz Schubert Gladys was my miniature Schnauzer that I’d had since he was only 3 months old. He was born in July of 1995 and became my loyal companion of almost 15 years that September… Fritz was an excellent dog. Sweet tempered but with the heart of a lion! In his golden years he developed diabetes and eventually lost his hearing, and sight. It was heart breaking watching him decline but he did so bravely, and with dignity. November 28th of 2009 is the day God called Fritz to come home, and Fritz answered..

Losing Fritz was hard. He and I had been together every day for 14 and one half years. My life, my heart and my home seemed emptier. Something was missing and it was the love and companionship of my dear old friend.

I found myself at the Denver Dumb Friends League adopting a 5 (or 6) year old female Border Collie/Aussie Shepherd mix named Co Co.

Co Co had experienced a harsh life prior to my adopting her & although there were no documented records of her being abused, I believe she had been.

Co Co is an amazing dog! She’s smart, obedient, loving, playful, and loyal. How or why anyone could or would abandon her is beyond my comprehension but honestly, I’m glad “they” did, as their loss has been a wonderful gain for both of us!

We bonded quickly and our life together was filled with days of fun, adventure and friendship – I took her everywhere with me and she absolutely loved going for rides in the Jeep.

It's difficult to put into words how quickly CoCo stole my heart and how much she meant to me - She was special and I miss her more with each passing day ..

Over the Holidays she became deathly ill and I lost her in less than two weeks... The Doctor suspected she had somehow contracted the lepto bacteria and that it attacked her kidneys and liver mercilessly - Medicines did not work and Dr Pierce (God bless him) said that there was nothing else we could do to save my Angel.

December 27th 2011 CoCo crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge and my heart broke ..

CoCo is not gone though as I know I've seen and heard her in the house more than once over the past few weeks.

I know there is a Heaven and I know she's there but I also know she's still here watching over me.

Rest in peace my angel - You are loved beyond words, and missed beyond measure.

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Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'I Saw You This Morning ......'

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Canine Soulmates
by: Coral (UK)

Dear Ed,
What a wonderful story of your dog Co Co, he looks beautiful. I too had my heart broken on 5th Nov 2011 when I had to put my beautiful 14 year old Springer Spaniel Ralph to sleep. He was my best friend, my world and everyone knew him. I know I did the kindest thing relieving him of his pain but it is me who suffers now. It's been 14 months and not a day goes by when I don't miss him or think about him loads. I have heard my boy in our new house and I have felt his presence. I do believe they stay around those they love to watch over them. I know I will see him again one day. We should all be honoured that we get to spend our lives with such wonderful beings.
Love Coral x

by: Anonymous

Hi Ed

It sounds like you gave Fritz a wonderful life and Co Co a happy second chance with a loving home. I have absolutely no doubt that you will see both of your friends again. I lost my dog Sherwin (see "Soaring Free") almost 3 years ago and I know how hard it is (he was 17). I also know that he is with God and that I will see him again. I had several signs shortly after he passed indicating to me that he was still around and ok. Take care.


by: Theresa

My dear Ed,

I have read your entries and I can tell that your heart is well and truly broken over the loss of your beautiful CoCo.

3 lovely postings about the short time and life that you 2 spent together but as you said a lifetime of love and memories.

God made sure that you found her, as he did that she found you, because he knew that you were 'the one' that would give her a 'lifetime of love' in the 2 short years she had left, and she would recipricate that to you a million times over, pure and simple 'soul mates'.

You will always be together... Wonderful doggy with her Wonderful master...

With love and understanding...

Theresa x

So sorry
by: dayle

I am so sorry for your loss. I've been going through a terrible loss of a wonderful friend... and soul mate... for months now. It hasn't gotten easier... but I treasure the times we had together. I read the stories here hoping to hear that they really are around us or waiting in a beautiful place until our time comes.... and we all are together again. You've given me some hope that they really are still with us. Be glad that you are feeling her around you.... and I hope it brings you much needed comfort....

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