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Everything Reminds Me of You....

Oct 3, 2009

by Sharran
(Melbourne, Australia)

Thumper's Monument/Thumpie Tree

Thumper's Monument/Thumpie Tree

It's the weekend again, the sun's out and I hate it. I'm looking out in the garden and it's empty. I keep imagining you running up and down and rolling around the grass... but I'm brought back to reality as I look at the monument above your burial ground. The ground has sunk a bit and I've put in more soil and covered it back again.

I'm making a heart for you out of the yellow flowers I picked up and talking to you. "Thumper, I miss you so much and you were the light of my life... Please know, how very much I love you."

I like the picture where I'm kissing you and I've enlarged it and it's standing on my bedside. You're the last thought on my mind at night and the first beautiful baby I see when I open my eyes. I keep wanting to dream about you so much, for you to tell me you're happy. Everything and anything reminds me of you... even the birds hopping around looking for food... I call them Thumpie birds.

Going into the supermarket is still very difficult, especially when I pass the mixed salad and the grapes and the carrot tops. I literally break down crying.

I was calling you just now... "Thumper, come down baby.." like I always do... calling you to come down from your room and I'd tempt you with a grape or some cornflakes...

I also went up to your room this morning and I bent down to look under your big box made by Grandpa. And I started crying cos you should have been there, and you'd come over and start licking me and I'd start patting you.

I was laying in bed this morning, and I thought I heard you running upstairs... as your room is above mine, I used to hear you running around upstairs all the time... and for a second I wanted to run up and see if you were there.

Oh Thumper... WHY.???? We loved you so much... Why??
I wanted to speak to the Rabbit Clinic and to make an appointment as I had questions that needed answering... and I was told to write it in an email. Unbelievable, isn't it?!??!?

Be Happy my darling... be happy and healthy in Bunny Heaven. My Heart still bleeds for you. I Love You... I Miss You... I Need You... I Want You... but that's just wishful thinking... cos God has you now... you are in the best of hands.

Please take care of my beautiful baby boi.


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