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Wish U Were Here

April 9, 2011

by Barbara Davis
(St Cloud, Fl)

Hi Pebbs,

I'm really missing you today. I miss you everyday but today seems like the worst since you left me. I wish I could lay beside you right now and talk to you about my problems I'm having right now.. I have noone else to talk to that would listen like you did I miss your kisses SO MUCH.

Baby girl I can't wait to be with you again.. I look forward to the day we meet again, I can see it now... My dear Pebbles will hear her Mommy's voice and with your tail wagging you will bark and bark, kiss me and jump all over me.. I'll hug you so tight.. and then we will be together forever, never seperated again.

I've got butterflies in my belly just thinking about seeing you again. God baby Girl I miss you so much. My life is not the same without you in it. Well, my precious angel if I don't stop writing to you now I'll be crying my eyes out the rest of the night, I have to be strong but it's so hard I miss you baby girl and I love you more than anything in this world..

Sweet Dreams my Angel.. Come see me tonight in my dreams please let Mommy feel your presence tonight...

Love 4 ever and ever,


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