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My Angel

Feb 7, 2011

Dearest Cinnamon,

I will never forget that look in your eyes every time you met someone knew or came across something you'd never seen before. You saw the world in a way that none of us - not even the other dogs - ever could. Everything to you was new, everything was an opportunity, everything was interesting, and that was always beautiful to me.

I will never forget how gentle you were with each and every small animal you met. The way you were so careful with them. I will, also, never forget how gentle you were with children. It always amazed me, because you were never above jumping at an adult for an attention, but you never jumped at a child. Just sat down and let them pet you all they wanted. Cinnamon, that was beautiful. And there was something wonderful about your curiosity. Everything was interesting to you. Nothing was ever lame, dull, or boring.

You taught me so many lessons about life, about how to appreciate the little things, because they matter just as much as everything else in the greater scheme of things. You taught me that even the ugliest flower can be interesting, even the angriest person might have a kind heart underneath it all, even the most afraid cat might only want a friend. You taught me all that and more. Cinnamon, you had a beautiful soul.

Some people try to comfort me by telling me that you're an angel now. I am going to start replying with "She always was."

Still missing you from Earth,

Your loving Parent, Friend, Leader, and Master

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