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The Grieving Still Goes On...

Feb 22, 2011

by Benji

Dearest Cinnamon,

I've still been thinking about you a lot. We had to take Lilo to the vet today and when we got there, it was hard. They ask about our dogs every time we go in. I should have expected it, I should have been prepared. But when they asked about you, it was like a blow to the chest. I wasn't prepared. I had to bite my tongue to keep myself from crying.

I still cry. Even after almost a month, I still find myself staring at your picture and trying so hard not to cry. I find it's better that I do. Letting it all out is better than trying to pretend it doesn't hurt. I keep having dreams about you. I wonder when they'll stop. The good thing is, though, that not all of them are bad anymore. In the beginning, they were all nightmares. Now, however, some of them are simply about the dog that you were. And that's good.

I'm still thinking of you down here. Just know, you're always with me.

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