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Big Snow Day 01-26-11/1-27-11

Jan 27, 2011

by Bette
(Olney, MD)

Well Ellie Girl you misssed the big snow that we got last night. Daddy and I got stuck at work, but I know that if you were here you would be in the backyard running around with Codie and pushing your nose into the snow.

The snow is probably taller than Codie. I know how much you loved the snow and I just wanted to share a wonderful memory, when we had the blizzard years ago, the boys had snowball fights in the backyard and you used to chase the snowballs, and run after the boys. I miss that "Ellie girl" but you are nice and warm now with wonderful fields to run thru.

Just look down at remember that I am thinking of you playing in the snow with Codie and seeing your sweet nose covered with snow.

I love you and miss you!!


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