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Bringing My Sweet Ellie Mae Home

Monday Jan 24, 2011

by Bette Huntemann
(Olney, MD)

Today the place where we sent Ellie to be cremated called and stated that the box that we ordered was warped, and she would order me another box, but she did have a box in mahogany that Ellie would fit in, and it was the same box just a different color. I told her that we justed wanted to bring Ellie home, so to go ahead with the other box.

She stated she would have Ellie back to our Vet Town & Country sometime tommorrow. That means that we will be able to pick her up on Wednesday before we come into work, it is going to be so hard, but I need her to be back home with me, even if she is in a box and on my fireplace mantel. Please don't think I'm crazy that I miss you and just to have you back in a box will bring me comfort.

Each day is still so hard and I try, Daddy and I got into an arguement, because he didn't get to say goodbye to you and give you kisses. He was at work in Baltimore, and was unable to get off. we made the decision together on the phone, and Steven and Sean were with me. Oh Ellie I miss you so much and hopefully on Wednesday, you will be in the middle of the mantel along with "Jedi" on one end and "Trooper" on the other.

Hope you are playing and running and having fun, I miss you my sweet girl, I love you,



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