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Saturday 1-15-11 - Water Bowl

Jan 22, 2011

by Bette Huntemann
(Olney, Maryland)

Ellie Mae and Codie playing Tug of War

Ellie Mae and Codie playing Tug of War

I got up Saturday morning feeling so depressed and upset, that I keep myself busy by cleaning. At one point I went to pick up Ellie's dog bowl, and my cell phone fell in the water. I just started crying and left it there. The next day my husband took me to Verizon, and I asked to speak to the manager. He asked how he could help us, and I just broke down in tears. He was so nice and replaced my phone and was able to get my contacts and everything.

Later that night I went to bed and called Ellie and remembered she wasn't there. My husband was out watching the football game with friends. Our other dog Codie (sheltie) was laying on the bed, then jumped down. I heard him scratching, and then he was laying in Ellie's Bed. I called my husband crying and told him that he had to come home because I couldn't handle missing Ellie.

We also had a water bowl in our room that I would fill everynight for Ellie and she would drink the entire bowl in the middle of the night. Well I realized that I hadn't had to fill the water bowl in our room, and started crying again. So many things remind me of her around the house and I can even see that Codie misses her, but I can't get past her greeting me at the door.

I miss you Ellie Mae and so does everyone else. You know how sick Mommy was last year in and out of the hospital, well, I hope that you are my angel on my shoulder as well as my Daddy, my sister Sherre (who you loved her) and Jedi, Trooper. If I cry for you it is only because I have this big whole in my heart that is missing you so much.

I hope it is nice where you are and you are playing and running and having fun. Please watch over us, Codie is sending his love as well, and all these xoxoxoxo are for you.

I love you,


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