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Missing Blue

Tuesday Feb 3, 2009

by Dale Blake
(Oswego N.Y U.S.A)



The past couple of days have been tough for me. I'm really missing Blue. I can't stop thinking about him. I am in so much pain. And thinking life sucks and it's not fair and I ask God if he will promise to give him back after I die.

I am really having a hard rotten time with this. I am really glad Maxy is here to help me through my awful pain. I love her so much. I'm back to weird dreams again and some are good and some are really bad nightmares. I am out of bed now. But I'm still a little uncomfortable being without or is it Blue being with out me - which is it?

I am getting better it's just happening slowly for me. I truly am looking for better days. I'll talk at you soon bye for now.

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