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'Dayle & Oliver'


Sept 28, 2012

by Dayle
(Watertown, Ct)

My Little Buddy

My Little Buddy

My Little Buddy..

I finished the painting I did of you... and even though I'm not good with animals... I think somehow I caught your little spirit somehow. I miss you so much sweet baby. I think of you everyday... and the tears come... because I don't know for sure what really happened.

Sometimes I wonder if you were so hurt when I had to leave you at the hospital... alone... and I wonder what they did to you there baby. I wish I could have stayed with you... so you weren't so alone. I tried so hard baby... the last week you were with me... to let you know how much I loved you... and what a good job you did here on earth.

I can hardly function.. even after a year... on some days Ollie... and my heart actually hurts at times. I can't believe at times that you aren't here... and how quickly the years passed. I feel as if it just wasn't fair... you only had just turned 10. You should have been with me for at least another few years.

I love you so much sweetheart.... and I pray we will spend eternity together someday. That would be heaven to me.... having you back again...

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