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Feb 11, 2013

Hi my Girlie Girl.

I miss you, my baby and love you so much it physically hurts. so, on day 136, my love, all
I can say is:

I just want my cat back! I just want my cat back! I still just want my Sammy back!

Everything is so different without you in my life. it's just so sad and unmeaningful, this life I'm left to live alone. Each day the same as the one before. Long and gray without my sunshine...

I keep wondering things like: if we never had to move from our apartment and come here, would you still be alive?

Hey girlie, I was watching this show called 'The World's Cutest Kitten' and they showed this one cat unrolling the toilet paper and I totally had a flashback. Remember you doing that? and it never failed when I was broke and down to my last roll of paper, you would unroll it into the litter box, I wouldn't see you had unrolled it into the litter box and your brother would come along to use the box and bury the paper so it was mostly unusable!

I would try to be so mad at you. I even tried yelling at you but I couldn't do either. You loved shredding paper so much. Any paper toilet paper, paper towels ~ you would stick your foot in the tube and fall over with it and just kick and shred it with those killer back claws of yours until the whole roll was totally unusable and unsalvageable.

You were such a good shredder I started calling you 'Sammy the Shredder'. The look on your face while you were shredding you were having so much fun. I couldn't stop you. You would shred newspaper, paper bags, paper I was writing on, papers left laying around. You never missed a chance to shred some paper. I miss that and everything about you so much, I can't even believe it. i sat there and watched the show, crying uncontrollably, think of you...

I just want my kitten back! I just want my kitten back! I just want my Sammy back! Please God...

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