Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Diana & Leya'

14 Months Later

October 17, 2011

by Diana
(Ontario Canada)

Hello my precious Girl

Leya, I'm sorry I haven't written for a while now, but please know that doesn't mean I'm not still thinking of you and missing you every day.

Today is the 17th, and it's now been 14 months since I lost you, that day is still in my mind just like it was yesterday. Somehow I think it always will be. I still cry so much because you aren't here with me. Some things have changed, but the love we shared never will.

I'm sure you know about the puppy arriving unexpectedly at my door. Somebody told me they thought she was you coming back to me. I'm not sure of that. Maybe you sent her to me because you knew I was too lonely without you.

You are and always have been so brilliant my girl, always knew just what to do to make me feel better. If you sent the puppy, you couldn't have sent a better one to me.

She is such a crazy mixed up little pup, all kinds of breeds in there somewhere, so funny looking and so full of antics that I seem to be always laughing at her, even though crying for you. I'm sure you are watching from the bridge and you know that soon Amanda and her little Schatzi will be moving out to their new home and I will be alone.

You knew I needed someone to love and to keep me company. Thank you so much Leya for still watching over me. I truly can't wait until the day we are together again. I have to believe we will be, or I just couldn't go on.

I know you are probably busy right now with Charlie trying to help your brothers in Texas. Sun and Bud and Duke all need you and Charlie so much now and I'm sure you know just what to do so they won't be afraid. You are so special, so giving and so loving. I feel so blessed that we shared 12 years together and that we share an unbreakable bond forever.

Please just know how much I love you and always will.

I hope you are feeling strong and happy.

I love you Leya....


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