Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Diana & Leya'

Bud's Arrival

Feb 15, 2012

by Sun

Beautiful Leya,

It really seems like I've known you all of your life on earth, you are the best girl anyone could ever ask for and are loved by us all forever. I want to thank you for all you do, thank you for being with Charlie and for taking care of us all. And, knowing Charlie, I am certain he will always try his best to take good care of you.

Leya, by now, you should have met your another brother Bud. Just like you and Charlie, Bud is ultra-special, he is loved more than any words could say. You will see how special Bud is... He will make you laugh everyday, I promise, while he will want so much attention from you. Would you be patient with him and assure him that everything will be okay and remind him that I had to end his suffering, only because I love him more than anything in the world.

Sometime soon, I hope you will bring him down to tell me all about his journey and the new exciting life. Leya, please enjoy Bud, he is a bundle of fun, and tell him I miss him so terribly.

Love you very much, Sun

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