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Christmas Eve Without Leya

December 24, 2010

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Thank you Adya
by: Diana

I want to thank you for taking the time to write such a hopeful message for me and Leya. I didn't see it right away for some reason and I have just read it. Such wonderful thoughts and hope you have given me. I have written all the information down and will definitely look at the site you talk about.
Even just hearing you tell me I'll be okay gives me hope, as I often don't think I will make it through this.
Bless you Adya, you give hope to me and to all who read your message.

Loving Leya
by: Adya

Dear Leyas Mommy & Daddy:

Let me hug you with all my heart & spirit! I am with you in your loss. I know what & how it is that suffering! - But also know for sure they are very near. Next to us!

I have seen a person (in the funeral of other family member) that happened to be gone for one and a half year. (Not knowing he was gone.) Well, he was as handsome and healthy looking as no other person there! It was not a ghostly figure. It was a person. Flesh and blood! He was standing next to his wife & daughters that were crying. Later, I commented this to my brother precisely making the point of the young, handsome and FULL OF LIFE this person were. Then he told me...

The day we put to sleep our last dog, Muffin (a she)a year ago, my husband saw her four hours later coming into the family room! Full of life like before! - Do not suffer anymore because you took the decision of not letting her suffer. They are always prepared. Sometimes they stay a little longer for us so we get "in tune" with them and "catch" the idea of the situation and prepare ourselves and maybe "help" them. They may have some fear - remember they have a nervous system. Like us - but they are clear and inmediately they overcome the moment. The spirit, which is what we learn with, is very wise. Like a magic wand, erases all the suffering and fear and welcome the continuity of life in other dimension!

I used to have a pet communicator,(no! I still have it!) that passed away last august. If you want, you can still visit her site: Aunt Julie pet communicator. There are a lot of stories of living and deceased animals communications. I suggest you read about Cassidy Quinn/Quinn "baby" MC Fee. I laughed with it! and Punkin, Goldman and Garfield story. Incredible!

Other suggestion is the making of good actions in her name and meditations and good thoughts for every living being in her name also (and yours)
Remember that before or after, good produces good.
Love affects everyone related to it! No boundaries, time, spiritual plane. Nothing!- Your baby is next to you! Open the channels for communication! And be sure she will be with you always unless she decides to become human. Which would be great for her. And you could know in advance.

Please, BE HAPPY ! ENJOY! LOVE!!! This will make a difference for her and for you.

PS: If you go to aunt Julie's site, you can find those stories I told you on the 4th or 5th list of :Past over testimonies.

I will be praying and meditating for you all.
You will be OK!!!!

Thank you Margaret
by: Diana

Hi Margaret
Just wanted to thank you for taking time to post such kind, comforting and hopeful words.
I really appreciate it......


by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

I am very sorry for your loss, Diana. Leya will always be with You in spirit and on every Christmas Eve from this holiday onward..

You and Leya are best friends in heart.

Margaret - hugs

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Christmas Eve Without Leya

December 24, 2010


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