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'Diana & Leya'

Mother's Day

May 10, 2012

by Diana
(Ontario Canada)

Beautiful, happy Leya

Beautiful, happy Leya

Dear Leya, my beautiful girl...

Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, and whenever I think of being a mother, I always think of you, my most precious child. You are everything I could want my child to be. Kind, gentle, loving, loyal. I am so proud to be your Mom Leya, so proud of you.

My Mother's Day wish would be that we could be together again, like before. I know that can't be and it breaks my heart to be separated from you. In my heart, we will always be together, you will forever by my little girl, and I will forever be your Mom.

I hope I will see a sign that you are visiting me on Sunday. I'm sure you will also be visiting Sun with Charlie and Bud, her precious boys, for Mother's Day too. We both love and miss our beautiful children so much.

Please always know how much I love you Leya. ♥

Love forever


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