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'Diana & Leya'

The 17th Again.....

July 17, 2011

by Diana

Leya my sweet baby,

The 17th has rolled around again. Although the sadness of losing you seems neverending, the months continue to go by. Today marks 11 months without you, 11 long, sad and lonely months. It's so odd, that when I think of you, which is always my girl, there is such a mix of sadness, longing to have you back, and yet such joy we shared such love and happy times together.

I am waiting for the day we will be together again. I know it will come.

Until then Leya, know that our bond will never be broken. I will always love you, and you will always be my beautiful sweet girl. You are in my heart forever.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that you and Charlie had lots of fun together.

Sending my love to you,


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