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Nov 24, 2012

Last night (Friday) despite a quite depressed day, for Alfie, he was once more the cuddly cat. He slept on the next pillow, purring and went out through the night as he is prone to do.

He was up for food this morning as soon as he heard the dishes clattering, ate moist food and then dry food which seemed easy.

I was delighted by the way he kept jumping up to go out. It was a fine day but with a deep frost layer. Nevertheless he was enthusiastic.

I suddenly thought I heard a miaow and when I opened the door he had deposited a mole. I hugged and kissed him and gave him his usual treats. It seemed such a good sign as I had not heard a sound from him for almost a week. I'm sorry the mole was dead as usually he brings everything through the cat flap alive. Perhaps he has to struggle more to catch things. Also he has boycotted the cat flap. Perhaps this is because he has to use his head to get through. (Guilty why didn't I get a microchip activated one when we replaced it a few weeks ago).

I look forward to my relaxation with him tonight as I know he will sit with me whilst I watch Strictly Come Dancing. Some reprieve for both of us. At times like this I begin to fantasize about the future and then stop. But I feel I owe it to him to be upbeat and encourage his own courage and fight for life.

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