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Sun Oct 19, 2008

A Call from a Stranger

by KC



We slept in Sunday morning, well honestly, that is all I have been doing. I'm so depressed. To someone who doesn't love animals I guess they couldn't understand this. I just hate getting up.

There was a call on the answering machine. Someone had seen a husky running beside the road, about 2 miles from our house. Could Luka still be alive after 4 days? David (my husband) and I immediately went out looking. We thought maybe he was back tracking to get home.

David said we needed to go back to where I had found Jake's body. Oh God, Please Not there! I held my eyes closed as tight as possible and rocked back and forth in the car and started the sobbing again. I thought I was all cried out but I guess not.

I had David let me off at an area that led to our house, through some woods and a steep ravene. I couldn't go past the spot where my baby had died again. David said I shouldn't go that way, because I have a bad back from a drunk falling on me in the ER where I worked in Ohio.

But I made it, but no sign of Luka anywhere. Back home, I put my jammies on and went back to bed.

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