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'Jan & Harry Wall'

Harry the Hound

March 7, 2012

by Jan and the pups

Harry Wall the best hound in the world and now universe!

Harry Wall the best hound in the world and now universe!

Harry left us yesterday, 3/6/2012. He was the most amazing, sweetest, loving dog I have had the pleasure to know. Although not my pup or part of my pack he was for sure part of my heart and took a part with him. I know it was where he needed to go but knowing and feeling it are different things.

Harry had a horrible start to his young life but he had an incredible middle and had his mom with him and at his side when his life on this earth faded and he left us. How sad it is for those of us left with not being able to touch those long soft and silky hound ears and smile at your tender and gentle ways. You did your job well my furry friend.

A prince of dogs and will be missed by many a human and animal. Be free to run again and get that hound nose plastered on the ground and follow the sent as far as you can run for miles and miles and miles - you now have no physical body to stop you and you can go on forever and ever. We will think of you and miss you each day.

Your mom and Ceasar will be very lonely without the head of the household. You have left some big pawprints on our hearts.

We love you Harry Wall the Bestest Hound ever!
Jan, Blue Dog, Collin, Ladd, and all your past siblings that are now with you. XxxxxxOOOOOOOOOooooo.

Today was hard at the start but as the day went on it was easier, but there are moments and when I see his pictures the pain comes flooding back like a wave. Life can be so fragile.

For now.

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