Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Jean & Amelia'

Willy and Randolph

May 26, 2013

by Jean
(Durham, England)

Willard became Willy as he softened down as he lost his two brothers over the last year. He used to bite me any chance he got, and he always drew blood, but him and his two well behaved brothers came from a bad home so I allowed his temper as he couldn't let me know about his past life.

He passed away after calming down in his twilight years and allowed me to stroke him which meant a lot to me. We had our ups and downs my baby but I loved you just as much as your brothers. I couldn't even sit on the same settee as you as you would get me as soon as my guard was down. Rest in peace my black rattie run free with your brothers now.

Randolph, my gentle baby, you too have gone with Willy and you must enjoy yourself now baby. Rolo will take care of you, and your brother Blue sends his love. I have put Brian with him as he lost all his brothers and was so lonely.

Love to you all, run free babies till I am with you all once again. Be careful you don't leave old black mouse behind as you go to the bridge, and dont tread on him as he goes to mousey.

Love to you all, special kisses to you my sweet Rolo,

Mum on earth xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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