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The First Year

Jan 1, 2010

by Joann

All of us together in happier days

All of us together in happier days

This Dec 27th marked the 1 year passing of Moxy and the 5th of Dec was 2 years for Lilly. I have spent the past 2 years getting thinking that if I could make it through the year of "this is the first holiday, birthday, halloween, thanksgiving etc without my 2 sweethearts" that I would be okay and that maybe I would stop hurting. This is somewhat true although I still get those moments where out of the blue I feel the pain in my heart and can just start crying like it happened yeserday.

My husband played a song last night (new years eve) that has a thunderstorm in it and it used to make Moxy run away lol she hated storms, that song brought back the feelings of how much I miss my dogs and how my emotions are barely controlled under the surface. To my family and friends I appear to be "over it" but I know I may never be completely over them, they were the once in a lifetime dogs.

Maybe in the deepest part of my heart I don't want to just get over it because as long as I mourn them they are still close to me, that may not make sense but it's how I feel. Happy New Year to everyone on this site and may you all come to a place of acceptance this year.

Moxy and Lilly I will never ever forget you and we will meet again, until then 'may the road rise to meet you and may the sun always be at your back and God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Happy New Year My Angels.

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