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Hi My Rufus

April 1, 2013

by Lisa Thomas
(Las Vegas, Nevada. USA)

Hi sweetie,

Today is a sad day, little did I know this time last year I would only have 14 more days with you. I wish I would of know I would of made them the best 14 days of your life.

I miss you so much sweetie. Now that it is coming up on a year you have been gone I feel so sad sadder then usual. Anyway we got 2 baby kittens, their names are Sophie and Katie, they're soo cute oh my gosh, but I guess you know that, I keep forgetting you know all that goes on.

I hope you and your sister Diana are playing and having a real fun time. Did you two have fun on Easter yesterday? Did you guys get an Easter basket full of candy and treats? I hope so.

OK my sweet boy I send you all my love and give Diana a big kiss for me OK, tell her I love her and that on Wed. When I pick up her ashes I make a diary for her too OK?

I love and miss you both always,

Your Mommy xoxoxoxo

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