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My Beloved Rufus

Nov 17, 2013

by Lisa Thomas
(Las Vegas, Nevada USA)

Hi my big guy,

How are you are you having fun? Are you playing and have you made new friends? Are you keeping an eye on Diana? I hope you are happy and you are running and just having a blast.

I miss you so much, last Friday the 15th you have been at the bridge 19 months, and not a day has gone by I haven't thought of you and missed you.. I was wondering if you could help with this thing between Eddie and Louie, their fighting is starting to be an everyday thing and it is getting more violent and I am getting tired of being bitten so if you could help in anyway that would be great and also keep an eye out for little Marley. I don't know how he hasn't got in to trouble over at Mary's.

Anyway I love you my big guy and I miss you every second of every day...

I send you all my love always,

Your Mommy forever xoxoxooxoxx

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