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To My Rufuy Dufy

Aug 15, 2012

by Lisa Thomas
(Las Vegas, Nevada. USA)

My dearest Rufy,

Well today you have been at Rainbow Bridge for 4 months now and it has been the longest 4 months of my life, I miss you so very much I can't believe you are gone. I still take out 4 doggy sticks, I still reach for yur favorite can dog food when I go to the store, I just am so lonely without you. Yeah Pettie and Louie and Penny are a great comfort but it is just so empty and lonely with you not here.

I miss you every second, I keep a candle lit for you so you don't get scared or lonely, everyone thinks I'm crazy but I don't care, I like to believe you can see it and I hope it's a comfort for you.

I know how scared you were and I just hope that by you seeing the lit candle it somehow lets you not be as scared cos I'm always where the candle is ok? You will never be alone ok Mommy is always here with you so don't you be scared alright?

I will be making entries in your diary every day so don't you worry Mommy will be here for you my sweet sweet guy, you go play with your friends and eat all your food and Mommy will be right here if you need me. I love you and miss you so,

Love always,

Your Mommy xoxo

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