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I Still Miss You, Bax

Mar 27, 2011

by Lorna
(Houston, TX)


It has been a week today. I thought I was getting better. Yet, I can still see you in the bathroom, at my feet in the kitchen. Always Mom's little boy.

It's been a week today. I thought I was doing well not crying. That was until I stopped by and picked up your ashes. The receptionist and I cried all over again. And the poem Fond Memories sent again brought tears.

What will I do without my best friend. Bailey is doing better than I expected though, he sure looks for you. Bear is grieving. Funny, I never thought he would. You two didn't seem that close. For days he sat by the front door awaiting your return. He didn't eat a full meal till Friday.

I am so glad we spent time before you decided to leave. I cherish the memory of you sleeping beside me the last day you were here. I am so glad we had the special Mom time that you always liked so much.

I found some of your fur when I had trimmed your hair. I couldn't bear to throw it away. I also found your last dog bisquit the one you had lying beside you that you did not eat. I kept that too.

I'm working on a memorial frame for you and your sister. It seems like it is a important thing I have to do. I will probably continue to talk to you everyday. So please excuse me if I go on and on. I think you always liked listening to me anyway.

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