Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Lorna & Baxter'

Never Take Your Place

Jan 6, 2012

by Lorna
(Houston, TX)

I guess where your at Baxter you know about Cody. Seems like you sent Cody to me. He has so many of your behaviors. I can hear you say pick my Mom to be a foster to you because she needs you, and my brothers need you.

I do love little Cody he is a sweet mischevious boy. I know where your at you miss us. But I also know you are free of the pains in your heart, free of your stiff legs. Sometimes it is so hard to let go. I know that seems selfish. I still think of you everyday. Your sweet face that looked at me when I would talk to you. Those sweet understanding eyes the way you would blink in trying to understand.

With you I had my best friend and I am so fortunate I had you in my life and had your love and devotion for 11 yrs. Until we meet again Baxter please know that Mom loves you and no one will ever take your place.

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