Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Lorna & Baxter'

The Little Box

April 10, 2011

by Lorna
(Houston TX)

It's been almost a month Baxter. Mom still misses you. I keep looking at the Little Box they returned your ashes in. Nothing will ever be the same.

Papa Bear has now claimed your comforter as his. I guess in his mind he is closer to you.

Bailey, well you know Bailey, he still is afraid of his own shadow.

I don't know which stage of grief I'm in but I'm still hurting. I'm now remembering some of the times you made me laugh and how smart you are. You're the only dog I ever seen that could open a window or open a refrigerator. I now wished I never hollered at you.

I just hope you know how much you were and are loved.

Love Mom

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