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Separation Anxiety

May 17, 2010

by Mum
(Scotland UK)

As the months went on Lucky chewed on well pretty much everything! He'd particularly like my underwear and shoes lol... Oh how I smile when I think of those wonderful days.

He was a part of the family officially. My hubby and I used to visit relatives on a Sunday evening it was about a 15 min drive and he would sit proudly on my lap in the front seat of the car popping his head out the window and show off his "bat ears" ha ha he made me laugh a really belly laugh!

Time moved on and he was around 2 years old when he was really struggling in the house on his own even though it would only be for at the most 3 hours while we where working.. We took a trip to the vet and she asked me various questions like where does he sleep, does he follow you in and out of rooms when you are on the go cleaning etc the reply was yes....

The vet looked me dead on and said he is suffering from separation anxiety in simple terms he is missing you like crazy when you are out of the house!!!! Wow... no-one had ever cared for me that much this was indeed my own little angel from heaven :-)

The vet suggested I leave an item of clothing which would have my scent under his bed so he could snuggle in to it and of course I did and not only that I left lots of old stuff around the house for him to feel close to me, funnily enough it was just my clothes he snuggled up to he was truly my baby, my boy and I loved him so much.

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