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Another Day and Another Memory

Feb 24, 2011

by Pat
(Ontario, Canada)


I haven't written in my diary since December Blue but that's not to say I haven't been thinking about you. I found another piece of your hair again and I am sure that it was a sign from you.

Just two weeks ago you came again. I had Karma for the weekend. She came over after supper and the first thing she wanted to do was go outside. So I let her out and she wandered around the yard for awhile and then settled out in the garden right beside your grave stone. Within a few minutes the solar light started flashing. It had not been on when Karma went outside because I was watching her. I called my husband to verify what I was seeing and he too was amazed. It was incredible - that light flashed the whole time Karma was out there. When I called her in the light stopped. I do believe that you were here.

I wonder how many other people have experienced this type of visit. I know some people don't believe that visits from our babies could happen but it does. I miss you Blue. I still think about you every day. I loved all our times together - good and not so good (you loved to get into mischief).

I was at Katie's last weekend and sat on your love seat and remembered how you loved sleeping there. I also remember the time when you got your paw caught in your lease and I looked out the window and it looked like you where pointing at something. It was so funny. You just stood there looking at me as if to say - what's so funny. Or the time I caught you knocking over a beer bottle (after one of Dave's parties) and licking up what came out of the bottle - so funny. Or when you were mad at me for being away so long you just howled and barked at me. You were a real character. I miss everything about you. But I still have all the wonderful and silly memories of you. Writing here really helps me cope and helps me realize what a difference you made in my life.

I love you Blue - have some ice cream up there for me.

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