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Blue - Your Memories Are With Me Every Day

May 17, 2010

by Pat
(Ontario, Canada)

Blue at the Lake

Blue at the Lake

Well Bubby - it's been 8 months and 9 days since you went to the Bridge. I think of you every day. The pain is not gone but has become softer and my memories are all happy. Your memory wall is done and it's beautiful. I look at it every day. The flowers that I planted in your garden are now coming up and the lights go on every night.

Katie had a beautiful picture of you - a close up of your face. I have it on my desk now. I am going away tomorrow and I think of how you used to come along on all my business trips. You were so good in the car and the hotel rooms. I miss that very much. I was at the cottage yesterday and I missed you being there and how it won't be the same this year without you there.

I have now come to terms with the decision I made last September to end your suffering. I realize now that I made the best decision for you. As I looked back at pictures of you near the end I could see how fragile you had become and that you had a very far away look in your eyes - as if you were no longer with me. It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life.

I was the luckiest person in the world the day you came into my life and the family's life. Life goes on Blue but memories are forever. I know that you are healthy and happy now and I know that you are with me every day.

Love Mom

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