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'Pat & Blue'

Missing Blue

Oct 21 2009

by Pat
(North Bay Ontario)

Today was not a good day for me. I got up and started my day as usual and then it hit me. The tears and the empty feeling came. I remembered the day that Blue left us and the look on his face when he died. I felt so lonely and sad. I looked at Blue's picture and wished that he was with me again. I tried to remember the goods times again but the tears came and I realized that I still miss him so much.

I have been trying to refocus on doing other things but it's not that easy. He was a huge part of my life. I guess it really started last night when I came home from a meeting. I had brought home leftover food as I sometimes do. But when I came into the house I realized that something was missing that it was never going to be the same again and I felt so sad. What I would usually do when I brought home food was immediately take a little of the dessert and give it to Blue - he loved that. He would sometimes get a little of whatever else I brought home. It was a routine we had and I looked forward to it as much as he did. So I guess that just carried over to today. I guess everytime I do something that used to involve Blue will be hard.

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